The Moments in Between

I love the photos that are taken before and after the family portraits. I find that these shots are often the ones families choose to hang on their wall. The family portraits are of course important too, (and greatly appreciated by the grandparents), but you can always find some tender moments in between. The baby giggling in her crib, her big brother reaching over to touch her tiny fingers, ~ they are all great moments. Photographing these ‘in between moments’ help paint the bigger picture. Thank you to the Beck’s for inviting me into their home to capture their beautiful family.

baby room chandelier HappyBabyCribHappyBabyPinkCribBigbrotherbabychangingbabyoldbarnoakleyutahlaughing coupleJamyBeecherPhotography6FamilyGreatDanecutekidoldbarnplayinmud
JamyBeecherPhotography-20JamyBeecherPhotography-29JamyBeecherPhotography-24mama and babycutemamababy