About Me


My parents met in a photography class in college. Was it destiny for me to be a photographer? Probably not, but I had access to camera gear at a young age and I took a lot of terrible landscape photos before I started taking anything worth developing (yes it was film then, and I wasted a lot of it). About ten years ago I realized side hustling was a better bet than my college degree and I decided to pursue my dream as a professional photographer. 

I’d like to think I was born a creative. I day dreamed a lot as a kid and I learned by doing and following my curiosity. I see beauty everywhere and I am always looking for light – to illuminate the landscape and bring life into the eyes of my subjects to create flattering and interesting images. I enjoy working with people because the energy is incredible and what I create is not just me, it’s a collaboration between us. Photography is more than just a profession to me, it’s storytelling, it’s connection – it’s recording real life in a meaningful way.