Keystone Montessori School

A few months ago I photographed this charming little Montessori school in Park City, Utah. After meeting with Sylvie-Anne, the director, we came up with a list of possible shots for their website, but decided to take a more organic approach to photographing the children. I stood back and observed, slowly moving around the classroom snapping details and shots of the children working, trying not to interrupt their daily routine. As a former Montessori teacher, I enjoyed revisiting the classroom from the perspective of being behind the lens, capturing the natural flow of a peaceful learning environment. I feel fortunate that both of my kids have been able to experience being in a Montessori classroom. My youngest is still enrolled and loving it!

Check out Keystone Montessori School’s website, designed by Spigot. A huge thanks to Keystone for having me photograph your beautiful school and including a link to my website!

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