Savor the Summit

Savor the summit is back this year! It’s basically a big outdoor dining party where locals can come and dine outside on main street. There will be mingling, there will be good food, some music, toasts and of course fancy desserts! I loved photographing this event for Tupelo in previous years. Their menu is incredible and that bee logo…well I would get that as a tattoo (if I wasn’t afraid of the tattoo ink) but the branding is perfection. Sadly I don’t think they won’t be there this year, but you can find them at their new location. Please go out and support them and our local business owners, that is what makes our community great and the industry has had it rough the last 2 years!

When: The event will take place this year on June 25th, 2022 at 6:00pm, to make a reservation, you just need to call a participating restaurant, you can find the list here.

Tupelo: Matthew Harris (the chef and founder) and Maggie Alvarez (co-owner) opened their doors back in 2015 (click here to see the grand opening), and are incredibly hard working and have a beautiful vision for food (and even grow some of it here locally, yeah!). Looking back at Savor the summit 2016 just makes me drool a little bit – I can appreciate how much time and energy goes into making food taste and look that good!