I have so many beautiful senior portrait sessions to share, but I’ll start with this one. Rowan radiates with classic beauty, she looks just like a young Kate Winslet. To be young and carefree again…am I right? These kids go through so much growth in such a short time. They want more independence and are just figuring out where they fit in the world. It’s amazing to see a glimpse of this transition and capture a little bit of their personality during the session. It’s bitter sweet for parents to see their babies almost grown, and empowering for teenagers to gain confidence in who they are becoming.

For me, I know the weeks leading up to college I was fearless and couldn’t wait to be out in the world on my own, I was hundreds of miles from home…but then the moment my dad dropped me off I felt and my eyes well up with tears as he drove away. I recovered quickly, and soon after began making friends and figuring out life, and growth happened, and I felt comfortable again. To all the seniors out there, whatever path you choose – you got this!