I knew Ayden since she was just a toddler. My favorite most vivid memory of her is on my wedding day. I sat in a chair while her mother styled my hair she was just 3 years-old at the time. This curious toddler had found a piece of chocolate in the room. She sat on the floor and inspected it. Under any other circumstances I don’t think her mom would have minded her eating the chocolate, but she had just put on a white satin dress, handmade by my mom, to walk down the aisle as a flower girl. Her mom sternly looked at her and said “Ayden…don’t you dare.” I watched Ayden look down at the chocolate and then back at her mother, sizing up how much time she had to make this happen. With lightning speed she tore off the wrapper and shoved it into her mouth, her cheeks full with delicious chocolate. I tried to hold in, but ended up bursting in to laughter (snorting probably, because the harder you resist the urge to laugh the more uncontrollable it becomes).

Congrats Ayden! I know your parents, friends and family are proud of person you have become. We’ll be cheering you on as you set forth to your next adventure!