All About Change

As fall draws closer each day I get excited that the leaves will soon be changing (and maybe it’s because it’s such a short window of time). The chilly nights will prompt me to dig out my scarves and fingerless gloves from the closet bins, and while I’m in there I’ll find my chunky sweaters and imagine my future self feeling cozy in them on a frosty morning walk. I envision my mornings sitting with a hot cup of tea writing down the ingredients for a fresh pot of homemade soup. I could go on and on (and I’m sure I have in previous fall blog posts), but I’ll just say that it is a welcomed change of the seasons around here. Of course, as fall breezes by and the eternal winter begins, I start missing the times when I was able to walk barefoot in the yard, harvesting veggies & fruits from my garden. It is a give and take of change, some we want, some we aren’t quite ready for. Without the cycle we might not appreciate good weather, bountiful crops and the fun times we had fishing and paddle boarding on the lake. We’ll trade our seasonal adventures in for different ones like skiing, sledding and sitting by the fire telling stories.

Photographing in the Park City Library on Park Ave

There was rain on the horizon, so this wonderful and relaxed family happily agreed to shoot in the library on Park Ave until the rain cleared up. After all, we had a history with this building, just as the building had a history itself before us. The Park City Library originally served as the High School for many decades, was abandoned, then restored during the early 90’s to be the library & education center, and has recently been completely remodeled (and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s beautiful, go check it out!).

This same library is where I got to know Alyssa (and the beginnings of her family) almost 8 years ago. She and I both worked on the top floor of this building together as teachers,  and as we were exploring the new library we both had several moments walking down memory lane. For Alyssa, it was a rock she had buried in reading garden with her classroom as a farewell, for me, trying to remember the exact spot where I read books during my lunch breaks when it was the old library. Her husband Tyler looked around and seemed hesitant to embrace the newer modern-looking building, noticing that he missed the old musky smell that comes with an old structure. The past opportunities that enriched us while there helped shape both our families. I am now a photographer doing the work I love, able to spend  more time with my family, as well as traveling to great places near and far! Alyssa and her family have moved to London to work and play, finding new hobbies and enjoying their time there until the next adventure comes their way. Cheers!

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