Family Session at The Park City Library

The Park City Library on Park Ave

There was rain in the forecast, so this wonderful and relaxed family happily agreed to shoot in the library on Park Ave until the rain cleared up. After all, we had a history with this building, just as the building had a history itself before us. The Park City Library originally served as the High School for many decades, was abandoned, then restored during the early 90’s to be the library & education center, and has recently been completely remodeled (and if you haven’t been there yet, it’s beautiful, go check it out!).

The funny thing is, Alyssa and I met here at this library almost 8 years ago. She and I both worked on the top floor of this building together (teaching), so it was fun exploring the new library together. I tried to remember the exact spot where I read books during my lunch breaks when it was the old library. Her husband Tyler looked around and seemed hesitant to embrace the newer modern-looking interior, noticing that he actually missed the old musky smell that comes with an old structure. Alyssa and her family have recently moved to London to work and play, finding new hobbies and exploring new territory! Until we meet again sweet family!

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