For the love of Fall ~ Family Portraits

Those who follows me on Facebook know I post more regularly there than on my blog (hint: you can follow me there for more updates!). If I think too much about writing, I turn into a procrastination machine. I’m just going to stick with pictures for now and let them tell the story. Here’s why I’ve been chasing the fall colors the last few weeks.

The Bjordahl Family. Don’t they look fun to hang out with?

PowderPawsVet JBPhotographyblog-21 JBPhotographyblog-22


The Baltz Family. Would it be weird if I photoshopped my family in this photo? 😉 I just love this background!



The Schiavone-Robison Family. When dad came over with little Sophia bundled up in a scarf and hat, I about died…from the cuteness.

ParkCityFamilyPhotographerParkCityFamiydog ParkCityFamilyPortraits ParkCityFamilyPhotographer ParkCityFamilyPhotographer ParkCityFamilyPhotographer


The Livingston Family. Starring Rio, the furriest family member!

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The Wilson Family.  Such a sweet little family!

JBPhotographyblogjpegs-7 JBPhotographyblogjpegs-8 JBPhotographyblogjpegs-9 JBPhotographyblogjpegs-10


Provines-Hendrickson Family. Lastly, puppies make great props.

JBPhotographyblog-10 JBPhotographyblog-12 JBPhotographyblog-13JBPhotographyblogjpegs-56JBPhotographyblog-11