Amy + Austin

It was an incredible day for photos.  I shot two engagements that day and I admit I was a little nervous about the weather.  As I drove up over the hills of Kamas and into Park City, the rain stopped and I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds parting, opening up to clear blue sky, casting rays of light on the grassy meadows on both sides of the road. I see this every once in a while and I debate wether or not to pull over because I get too distracted to drive. My eyes don’t want to look away because it’s like a rainbow that passes too quickly. The grass is luminous and colorful and the sky is dark and moody, and I think to myself, “Oh yes, this will do…”. The contrast is what I’m looking for.

Amy & Austin are outdoor science teachers, which is why I chose this scenic location. Congrats on the engagement Amy & Austin!