Alayna & Andrew

I met up with Alayna and Andrew for some wedding portraits on the first day of the New Year. It was a beautiful day in Salt Lake City. The sun was shining and… Continue reading

Scarlet Olivia-Jean ~ Welcome to the world!

After photographing this 6 week-old beauty I had to keep reminding myself that I already had my hands full at home!  Those chubby little legs, tiny toes and sweet baby breath reminded me… Continue reading

Amy & Austin ~ Engaged

It was an incredible day for photos.  I shot two engagements that day.  I admit I was a little nervous about the weather.  As I drove up over the hills of Kamas and… Continue reading

Natalie & William

A lovely wedding at the Chateau Faire, Salt Lake City, UT.

She said yes! Engaged!

A preview to some sweet engagements I took last week, more coming soon!

The Horjes Family

I know I have said this before, but  I absolutely mean it: I love this family. I had the opportunity to get to know them while I worked at Open Classroom. They volunteered so… Continue reading

The McHenry Family

I loved working with these little Montessori kids! Freckles are so cute, and this family was wearing them beautifully. From the lyrics of a Natasha Bedingfield song: “A face without freckles is like… Continue reading

The Klee Family

What do you do with a silly and hyper three year-old and a cute chubby  nine month-old? Candids! You’ll burn a lot energy trying to get young children to sit still in posed… Continue reading

Sifting through pieces of the past

I love to grab my camera and head out to find something to photograph. It’s like an adventure every time because you never really know what you’re going to find, especially when you’re… Continue reading

The Fitlow Family

You could say I know the Fitlows on several levels. I met this family when I was teaching in Park City several years ago. I stayed with the kids while their parents flew… Continue reading