The Ghost Trolley, Fun with Motion Blur

A few weeks ago I headed up to Main Street in freezing temperatures with a buddy and a tripod to give a lesson on creating motion blur at night. The Trolley in motion in the above picture was taken with a 50 mm 1.4 at f/7 ISO 100 at 4 seconds.

How to create motion blur

Getting some motion blur in your images requires you play around with the shutter speed. Downtown Park City is perfect place to practice because the trolley runs and up and down Main street all evening so you can keep trying until you get the results you want. An added bonus: the trolley is heated, in fact, toasty warm! When your fingers start to go numb you can hop on for a run to warm up and take some shots from inside the bus!

I won’t go into too much detail on how to create motion blur because there are plenty of resources online that have beginner tips and outline step by step how to create motion blur. Here is a great article featured on the site Digital Photography School, by Darren Rowse, the editor and founder  (the tutorial was submitted by Emily Handcock):